Today. 10.09.18 LN and I had an argument about homework. I believed we don’t need homework, and need a break from school when we come home. Whereas, LN meant its important to have homework because it’s important to repeat what we have learned at home. The discussion went back and forth, and we come to the conclusion; You should have the opportunity to choose if you want to do homework or not.



My Book choice

Today we have the choice to choose between two books. About a boy, written by Sherman Alexie, and The absolutely true story of a part-time Indian, Written by Sherman Alexie. Based on my researching I am choosing to read «The absolutely true story of a part-time Indian». I believe the book is funny and interesting to read., and in my opinion, I believe it is the best book form me.

Now I am going to read the first chapter of » the absolutely true story of a part-time Indian.

Bilderesultat for the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian

After I have read the first 30 pages I believe this will be a funny book to read and hear more about this boy childhood. The way Sherman Alexie writes is easy to understand and give a good flow.  He writes in a way that makes me feel really sad for this boy and everything he has to go through. At the same time, I find it a bit humoristic because he writes the way he does. Hopefully, this boy will get a better life later in the book.

About me

My name is Karoline Storlien, and I am a 16 years old girl from Norway. I go to Sandvika High school in 11th grade.

I live 20 minutes outside Oslo which is the capital of Norway.  I  use 10 to 20 minutes to school and I usually walk or bicycle. I play a lot of football and I enjoy activities with a ball. At home, I live with my two little brothers, my mom, and dad. My grandmother and grandfather are our neighbors and once a month we have a family dinner with my cousins and aunt as well.

I began at this school about a week ago, and I am really excited about this year. In English, I hope I will improve my writing skills and get a larger vocabulary.  I hope we will read books and have kahoots.


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