Is it brave to suffer in silence

Is it brave to suffer in silence? Whether from an injury or a broken heart, everyone suffers at times. Some people try hard to keep their pain to themselves, while others believe it is better to share their thoughts and feelings with others. In “A Day’s Wait” a young boy tries to be brave while suffering from an illness.

In my opinion, in some situations, it is braver to talk to someone rather than keep their pain to themselves. For instance, the young boy in «A Days Wait», he suffers from an illness. instead of keeping it to himself, it would have been braver for the boy to talk to someone about it. He doesn’t have to talk to everyone but someone. I believe it is important to talk to someone because then those around can get an opportunity to help. If he could die, the friends he had could be there for him and do what they wanted to do with him before it was too late.


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