A days wait

In the short story «a Days wait» the little boy kept his thought to him selves that he was going to die. He thought his illness was so bad he was going to die. Instead of telling he was quiet and kept it to himself. If had told his father his worries he could have received help much earlier. This is a good example of why it is smart to open up to someone and dare share it with others.

Bilderesultat for 9 years old boy sick

Hemingway was a part of the lost generation. The lost generation were those who fought during the first world war and lost their youth. Instead of having fun they fought and battled. Many were injured both physically and mentally. The lived with the memories of the first world war as the entered the second world war.  The experienced both wars and almost the whole generation were killed. 

Bilderesultat for hemingway

Hemingway had his own special way to write. He used short sentences, short first paragraphs and used vigorous English. He told his stories very directly and didn’t use many unnecessary adjective.  His revisions were more often additions than cuts and he added details for clarity and depth. He gave advice for other writers, such as, write from life, blending fact and fiction.


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