Letter to Leonardo Dicaprio

Dear Mr. Dicaprio


In class today we saw you documentary «Before the Flood». In the documentary, you seemed very optimistic about the climate changing and the future regarding our earth. However, since Donald Trump has become the president are you still so optimistic as you were back then.

There were many things that surprised me while watching the movie and thinks I didn’t know. one of the things was how match of the ice on Greenland that had smelted for the past five years. Have you visited Greenland since your movie, and if you have, have it kept smelting so fast.

Another thing that surprised me was how many people who didn’t have electricity. I was shocked to see how many who lived without the opportunity to light opp this houses and heat their food with things I take for granted. Do you know if this problem is something that has been improved since then?

After watching your movie I will definitely begin to eat less meat from cows and begin to choose chicken meat instead.


Kind regards

A Norwegian girl



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