Review «Spare parts»

I am surprised by the movies Spare Parts because it is based on a true story. There are many things that happen in this movie, but some of these aren’t true.  For example, the teacher, Freddy Cameron, is actually two different people. We have Allen Cameron and then you have Freddy Lajvardi. Another thing is that Christan does not get bullied in real life. They just added this for dramatic effect. One of the funniest parts of this story is actually true. When they drove over the border from Mexico to the USA, they really did this in real life.

MIT is the hardest opponent they have to face because they had the highest budget of 18 000 dollars. They had also some of the brightest minds of their generation. Carl Hayden high school had a budget of 800 dollars including of the shelf components, PVC pipe for the frame. It is amazing that they won with this disadvantage they had.

In this modern-day society, robots are used for a variety of different jobs. Such as bomb disarming. Factories use robots for creating candy bars, cars, and electronics. Today, it is no secret that robots are more efficient than humans making it more difficult for people that do not have a high enough degree. Making it more difficult for people to get jobs today.


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