Letter to Leonardo Dicaprio

Dear Mr. Dicaprio


In class today we saw you documentary «Before the Flood». In the documentary, you seemed very optimistic about the climate changing and the future regarding our earth. However, since Donald Trump has become the president are you still so optimistic as you were back then.

There were many things that surprised me while watching the movie and thinks I didn’t know. one of the things was how match of the ice on Greenland that had smelted for the past five years. Have you visited Greenland since your movie, and if you have, have it kept smelting so fast.

Another thing that surprised me was how many people who didn’t have electricity. I was shocked to see how many who lived without the opportunity to light opp this houses and heat their food with things I take for granted. Do you know if this problem is something that has been improved since then?

After watching your movie I will definitely begin to eat less meat from cows and begin to choose chicken meat instead.


Kind regards

A Norwegian girl



The IT/Business Project

The project

For a little period now at school, we started a project that we were going to spend a lot of time on. The project was to come up with good ideas and solutions to how shopping malls were going to survive and still be used a lot by people. What is meant by «survive» is that many shopping malls, especially in the U.S have been abandoned the past few years? This happens because a lot of people do not go shopping physically anymore, but goes shopping online. The shopping mall we were going to help was Sandvika Storsenter.

The process

We decided to work together as a team from the start of the project. There were different tasks for us to do and come up with a solution to. First, all of us brainstormed on how to make people want to go shopping. We decided to write it down in a document that everyone could edit and cooperate in at the same time. It is called google docs, which is basically a microsoft word, but online. We started writing down our ideas and eventually, we had 3000 words in our document. But since it was supposed to be like that the text would get to the point immediately and no bullshit and own unnecessary words. After some more hard work, we managed to make a great text that included all of our ideas. We reworded everything so that the text became nice and smooth, and answered all of the tasks in a good way. When we finished the text we decided to divide our group in half. The business people were going to find new solutions and ideas, while the IT guys were working on a complex adobe Xd project (which is a designer program). We made our prototype model first. The main goal for the model was to come with suggestions on how to make the Sandvika Storsenter website better. This was because we saw some potential to make the website better, and we saw that many of the competitor shopping malls had better and smoother websites. We spent a lot of time on that project, and in the end, it paid off. It became a great model of how the website could look to make it smoother.

At the end of the project, we are going to be practicing how to in the best way possible present this for the Sandvika Storsenter. We all agree on what parts of the project each one of us is going to present, so we are ready for when the time comes.

Made by: Karoline S, Herman, Tom-Vegar, Alexander & Niklas


Review «Spare parts»

I am surprised by the movies Spare Parts because it is based on a true story. There are many things that happen in this movie, but some of these aren’t true.  For example, the teacher, Freddy Cameron, is actually two different people. We have Allen Cameron and then you have Freddy Lajvardi. Another thing is that Christan does not get bullied in real life. They just added this for dramatic effect. One of the funniest parts of this story is actually true. When they drove over the border from Mexico to the USA, they really did this in real life.

MIT is the hardest opponent they have to face because they had the highest budget of 18 000 dollars. They had also some of the brightest minds of their generation. Carl Hayden high school had a budget of 800 dollars including of the shelf components, PVC pipe for the frame. It is amazing that they won with this disadvantage they had.

In this modern-day society, robots are used for a variety of different jobs. Such as bomb disarming. Factories use robots for creating candy bars, cars, and electronics. Today, it is no secret that robots are more efficient than humans making it more difficult for people that do not have a high enough degree. Making it more difficult for people to get jobs today.

Advice to fellow students

Firstly, the art of studying involves repeating the subject over a longer period of time, and it is universal for all learning. However, if you read the subject with no interest to learn and with your phone beside you, you will not gain as much as you could have. It is important to predispose your study time and to use some study technique. For instance, a very popular technique is the Pomodoro.  If you want to try The Pomodoro technique you study for 25 minutes, break for 5 minutes. It is important to be fully focused for the 25 minutes and take a total break from everything the 5 minutes.

I will try it later, I suggest you do the same. Adios.

Climate Change

Climate change has been a hot topic recently. Huge hurricanes and cyclones are more common now than before.  An example of one place which has been exposed the most is Mexico. The U.S government are able to manipulate the deaths, and for me, it`s frightening. For instance, the government is saying «hundreds have passed away» instead of saying «thousands of people have passed away». For example, during the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the death statistics were over 2 000 people, however, the government said only 64 people. The Emergency Services doesn’t have enough knowledge or possibilities to help everyone who needs it. The government use too much on military stuff and doesn’t prioritize those hurricanes and cyclones. Donald. J. Trump made a statement, «the U.S emergency services did a fantastic job regarding the hurricane.» he said. However, over 2000 people died.



Today. 10.09.18 LN and I had an argument about homework. I believed we don’t need homework, and need a break from school when we come home. Whereas, LN meant its important to have homework because it’s important to repeat what we have learned at home. The discussion went back and forth, and we come to the conclusion; You should have the opportunity to choose if you want to do homework or not.


My Book choice

Today we have the choice to choose between two books. About a boy, written by Sherman Alexie, and The absolutely true story of a part-time Indian, Written by Sherman Alexie. Based on my researching I am choosing to read «The absolutely true story of a part-time Indian». I believe the book is funny and interesting to read., and in my opinion, I believe it is the best book form me.

Now I am going to read the first chapter of » the absolutely true story of a part-time Indian.

Bilderesultat for the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian

After I have read the first 30 pages I believe this will be a funny book to read and hear more about this boy childhood. The way Sherman Alexie writes is easy to understand and give a good flow.  He writes in a way that makes me feel really sad for this boy and everything he has to go through. At the same time, I find it a bit humoristic because he writes the way he does. Hopefully, this boy will get a better life later in the book.